For Francine Dick, there’s nothing quite like seeing the characters she’s created come to life on stage

FRANCINE DICK has long had a passion for words, but the Toronto-based financial advisor is particularly drawn to the immediacy of theatre. “I love the dynamic interaction,” she says. “It really appeals to me.”
Dick’s passion for playwriting intensified when she submitted her first play to the Alumnae Theatre in 2006 and saw it produced as part of the theatre’s New Ideas Festival. Today, although she’s had her plays produced in locations as far-flung as Bermuda and Alaska, Dick says it was winning the Toronto Fringe Festival lottery in 2010 that meant the most to her. That enabled the staging of Wedding Night in Canada, her tale of a bride who has planned her wedding for two years, only to find that the date coincides with the Maple Leafs playing in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals.
“Everyone is watching the game, not her wedding – she’s locked herself in a room, and the best man is trying to encourage her to come out,” Dick says. “It’s about how the best-laid plans go askew and managing great disappointment. It’s a life lesson – we make plans and then the unexpected happens.”
Although her passion for plays persists, Dick stepped away from the stage for her most recent endeavor: Enjoy Your Latte, an instructive tome on personal financial planning that eschews the standard trope of forbidding small luxuries. “So often we are begrudged our small indulges,” she says. “I say be responsible, but also enjoy life.”

excepts from   Wealth Professional Magazine

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